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disabled dogs

Image of Willa and Webster courtesy of Tracy Jorgenson of Mutts N Stuff Small Animal Rescue, one of their fosters, taken before they received their canine carts for front leg disabilities.

Willa and Webster are a pair of sibling Chihuahua/dachshunds who were born with no front legs. They were rescued by Mutts’n Stuff Rescue in LA after being dropped off at a high-kill shelter in Lancaster, CA. Jenna Bell took these delightful little dogs into her rescue determined to give them every chance to have a full happy life. In December 2009, she took them for a cart fitting at California Animal Rehab in Santa Monica, where Amy Kramer measured them for their carts from Eddie’s Wheels.

We were charmed by their adoption day video, and were thinking that it was time to start looking for some younger dogs to be our Eddie’s Wheels mascots. Daisy, our dachshund, was now 15 years old, and while she was still rolling strong, she no longer has the stamina to work at vet conferences and doggie events.  She was tired. And Sweet Pea, our adorable pitbull, just didn’t fit under the airplane seat for distance trips.

In 2008, Eddie’s Wheels built about 100 front wheel carts. We felt that it was time we learned what it was like to live with dogs with front leg disabilities, so we could improve the product and the service we offer our customers. There is some art involved in balancing the cart properly and then training a dog to use it – we felt that experience would be our best teacher.

Chris cuddles 2 disabled dogs

Born with no front legs, these two disabled dogs won the heart of our daughter, Chris.


Willa and Webster, sitting up tall, like dogs with their heads high in their front wheel carts ……

So on January 13, 2009, Leslie flew to California to pick up Willa and Webster and bring these two California kids to snowy New England. Tracie Jorgensen, who was their daycare foster mom, came along on the trip to give them some transition, and also to check out their new digs.

They are a delight!  They are puppies – full of fun and mischief! Willa learned to drive her cart almost instantly, mastering steering with her rear legs, backing up, and lifting the cart over doorsills within a week. Webster, because of his deformed front legs, has more physical therapy issues to contend with – but will march anywhere for treats.

Watch their videos on youtube.com – search words: Willa and Webster

Update October 2012:

Willa and Webster have taught us alot the finer points of designing front wheel carts. Because of the insight we’ve gained from working with them, our front wheel cart division has continued to expand. They have inspired people all over the world – we’ve exported front wheel carts to Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, the U.K. and Finland.

3 disabled dogs in canine carts

Sweet Pea loved Willa and Webster. Here’s the research and development team for our canine carts.