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Accessories for Handicapped Pets

The manufacturers listed on this page provide an array of high quality products intended to support you in managing your pet’s disabilities. We are providing this list of links as a service to our customers. We encourage you to support these fine businesses.


www.alldogboots.com – a shoe store for dogs, with a good orthopedic section.

www.therapaw.com – creators of the dorsi-flex boot (see Sweet Pea’s rehab blog)

Manual Assist Slings and Harnesses:

www.helpemup.com – A complete shoulder and hip harness system that can be used for front and rear disabilities, offering support under the pelvic floor. Created by Cary Zimmerman for his own dog, they offer an “active” and a “full support” version of the harness.

www.hartmanharness.com – created by Betsy Hartman, a GSD owner to help large dogs with hip dysplasia and degenerative myelopathy. Made in the USA.

www.walkaboutharnesses.com – created by Kathy Erwin, custom made front, rear and amputee harnesses backed by over 20 years experience. Made in the USA.

www.DrsFosterSmith.com – look for the “comfort lift carrier” on this website for a simple, economical sling that buckles easily around the dog’s belly.


www.mypetsbrace – Jim Alaimo makes custom prosthetics and braces for all kinds of disabilities. He is also our rep in the Philadelphia area.

www.animalrehab.on.ca – Molly Barber, one of our Canadian reps, makes wraps, cruciate braces, walking aids, all custom designed to match your dog’s disability and individual measurements.


www.doggieessentials.com  – Linda Gerdes makes drag bags, diapers and other great aids for paralyzed, incontinent dogs.

www.samsdoghut.com – the manufacturers of the diaper covers and wraps. Made in the USA.

www.kuranda.com – High quality bed designed for incontinence

JB Wholesale – sells “pooch pads” for incontinence