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Purebred Dogs and Genetically Linked Disabilities

In honor of the Westminster Dog Show, I am sharing this letter I wrote last summer which was published in All Animals (July/Aug. 2010), the official publication of the Humane Society of the United States.   One of the first boxers we ever met who had degenerative myelopathy had won Best in Breed at Westminster and… Read More

Dog Wheelchairs for Dogs with Intervertebral Disk Disease

We received this email from one of our customers: Leslie and staff: I saw your clip on NECN.  I myself ordered my dog, Hobie’s, wheelchair from you.    Back in November 2008 Hobie ruptured a disk in his back being the dachshund that he is, and although he did go for surgery it did not work. … Read More

Preferred by Animal Rehab Practitioner

Eddie's Wheels carts are the only carts that I recommend for my patients, the only one that I recommends to vets / surgeons and the only ones that I use with my own dogs. I have been an avid supporter for over 5 years. Prior to my first experience with Eddie's Wheels carts, I had… Read More

Variable axle dog wheelchair – the perfect solution for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy

  Owners of dogs with degenerative myelopathy are faced with coping with a disease that progressive - starting with a gradual loss of feeling in the rear legs, it moves forward, eventually affecting the dog's core strength and front legs.   A simple rear wheel cart is sufficient to keep these dogs active and mobile for… Read More

Helpemup Harnesses -the perfect adjunct to dog wheelchairs

Twenty years ago, when our own Doberman, Buddha, became suddenly paralyzed,  I  needed to come up with a way to carry her back end around for her while Eddie came up with a wheelchair for her.  I used a LL Bean canvas firewood carrier - which was fine for a couple of days, but after… Read More