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Variable axle dog wheelchair – the perfect solution for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy

Owners of dogs with degenerative myelopathy are faced with coping with a disease that progressive - starting with a gradual loss of feeling in the rear legs, it moves forward, eventually affecting the dog's core strength and front legs.   A simple rear wheel cart is sufficient to keep these dogs active and mobile for as… Read More

Helpemup Harnesses -the perfect adjunct to dog wheelchairs

Twenty years ago, when our own Doberman, Buddha, became suddenly paralyzed,  I  needed to come up with a way to carry her back end around for her while Eddie came up with a wheelchair for her.  I used a LL Bean canvas firewood carrier - which was fine for a couple of days, but after… Read More

Massage is beneficial for dogs in wheelchairs

As many people know, if they have to limit the use of an arm or a leg for some reason, it impacts the rest of the body.  And so it goes for dogs and cats that are experiencing pain or paralysis (such as with Degenerative Myelopathy) in some or all of their limbs.  Massage is… Read More

Managing ACL injuries in large breeds with dog wheelchairs

Torn ACL injuries are common, and in large breed dogs often need to be dealt with surgically.  We usually see these dogs after repair has been done to one knee, and within weeks the strain borne by the other rear leg results in injury to the other leg... We wonder why it does not occur… Read More

Tripawds benefit from dog wheelchairs too!

We have often questioned the myth that dogs who lose a leg due to an amputation can get along just fine.  Dogs carry up to 70% of their body weight on their front legs,  and 30% of their body weight on their rear legs.  A three-legged dog is forced to hop, which puts tremendous impact… Read More