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Tripawds benefit from dog wheelchairs too!

We have often questioned the myth that dogs who lose a leg due to an amputation can get along just fine.  Dogs carry up to 70% of their body weight on their front legs,  and 30% of their body weight on their rear legs.  A three-legged dog is forced to hop, which puts tremendous impact… Read More

Dog Wheelchairs Center Website Beware

We wonder how many folks visiting www.dogwheelchairscenter.com are confused by the images of different kinds of dog wheelchairs on this website.  The masthead photo of the German Shepard on the beach is Skippy - one of our clients from 2002, was swiped off Google cached images and is being used without our permission. There are… Read More

Corgis with Degenerative Myelopathy love Eddie’s Wheels carts


To the Gang at Eddie's Wheels: "We just love the cart and so does Redford. When we go for a walk now with our other two corgis  Redford keeps up and is part of the team. He runs in the cart  and is happy as can be. He also got into a bit of an… Read More

Recycled Eddie’s Wheels cart gives life to disabled German Shepard

I was just looking up your link again to recommend to someone on my GSD list and thought I would take this time to thank you for "Wheels" My Skyler who turned 13 has been on borrowed Wheels for about 6 months. We actually are using the wheels you made for Destiny the Shepherd on… Read More

Yes – Disabled Cats DO Use Wheelchairs

We are often asked if disabled cats adapt to wheelchairs.  Just take a look at Yoda.In this video, you can see that Yoda is completely relaxed using his wheels outside. And as seen in this video, Yoda's rehabilitating in his cart, using his rear legs to help propel the wheels. We have collaborated with cat owners… Read More