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2010 Eddie’s Wheels Holiday Greeting Cards!

Here's a sample of some of the wonderful holiday greeting cards we received this season: Many thanks to our fantastic customers for their lovely holiday cards… Read More

Orange County Chopper Comes to Eddie’s Wheels

Last summer, Beth and Paul Teutul of Orange County Choppers called us to help them care for their beloved bull mastiff, Gus.   Gus had a front leg amputation in an effort to cure him of hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer.  The first time Beth brought Gus here for us to evaluate and measure him for a… Read More

Molly’s New Ride

We love this video of Molly the border collie in her new Eddie's Wheels cart.  Molly had had a cart by another manufacturer.   A visiting American named Eileen thought Molly deserved a better ride, and  bought her the Eddie's Wheels cart.  Molly has recently been voted the "best loved dog" in Ireland… Read More



Hi! I thought I would share a couple pictures of Mark in his wheels at the Flatcoat club picnic. He was running around without his wheels for part of the day, then started to get sore and would have had to miss out on more playing if he didn't have his wheels. We popped him… Read More



I just wanted to take a moment to thank you folks for the wheels and its obvious comfort. Boomer was kind of hesitant at first about using the wheels but now he runs around with them without a problem. The stirrups are a little useless now because he won’t keep his legs up considering he… Read More