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Pure Bred Dogs are Prone to Disabling Genetic Diseases


If it were not for the existence of pure-bred dogs, there probably would not be enough demand for dog wheelchairs to support the half-dozen dog wheelchair companies in the U.S. In a recent issue of All Animals, the magazine of the Humane Society of the United States, the cover article was about the increasing prevalence of… Read More

Daisy, Chief Executive Dog


While our Doberman,  Buddha, was the inspiration for Eddie’s first canine wheelchair, we were not in business very long when we realized there was so much more we needed to learn about different dogs and their disabilities. In an effort to learn more specifically about dachshunds, who comprise over 20% of business, we adopted Daisy… Read More

Our Lifetime of your Dog Warranty


Duff  is a standard wire-haired dachshund who came to us in 2007 to get a set of wheels.  Duff has intervertebral disc disease and  was paralyzed in his rear legs.  He was delighted with his wheels and made himself comfortable right away,  rolling around our lawns and lounging in the grass - just a typical… Read More

Possum, a corgi with DM, hits the trails


"Possum is back on the road again and enjoying his cart. He gets excited when we pick up the cart - cause he knows he is going out! He doesn't want to keep his feet in the stirrups he is still trying to use them. After we are out for awhile  I put his weaker… Read More

Training a dog to use a wheelchair

One of the most common questions we're asked is, "how long will it take for my dog to learn to  use a wheelchair?" It's our experience that for most dogs who are frustrated in their ability to walk, it takes only a few seconds to get used to walking in one on our carts.  We… Read More