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Wheelchairs for Pets

Possum, a corgi with DM, hits the trails


"Possum is back on the road again and enjoying his cart. He gets excited when we pick up the cart - cause he knows he is going out! He doesn't want to keep his feet in the stirrups he is still trying to use them. After we are out for awhile  I put his weaker… Read More

Disabled Dogs Working as Therapy Dogs Featured on CBS-Dallas

Oak Hill Animal Rescue (www.ohar.org) has been working with us for several years, calling on us to provide carts for disabled dogs in their care.  Jim and Bettye Baker, who run this wonderful rescue outside of Dallas, Texas, have a real appreciation of the power our companion animals have to reach into our hearts. We… Read More

A testimonial from a local humane society

Austin in his wheels Sometimes the courage of an animal and their owner breaks through the boundaries of normal expectations and reminds us of the wondrous trust and resiliency that our pets possess.  This is the story of one such owner and her very special dog Austin. The story of Austin Austin was supposed to… Read More

Helping a brain-damaged puppy with a front wheel dog wheelchair

Sugar, a nine month shih-tzu,  went in to be spayed and ended up brain damaged, possibly from too much anesthesia.   As a result, she has head tremors and has lost all core stength.  When her family carried her in to meet us for her cart evaluation and measurement,  we were touched by her joyful spirit… Read More

“Jack Flash” DM support group founder endorses Eddie’s Wheels

We were contacted by Marjorie Zimmerman, founder of the Jack Flash Degenerative Myelopathy support group, after her dog, Miss T, was unable to use a WalkinWheels cart.   Marjorie Zimmerman has the been on the forefront of advocacy for German Shepherd dogs with degenerative myelopathy for over a decade. Visit her "Jack Flash"  website, www.mzjf.com,  - … Read More