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Wheelchairs for Pets

Tigger Loves His Eddie’s Wheels Dog Wheelchair!


Dear Eddie's Wheels: I just wanted to let you know that the cart has been a complete success! When we first got it, we took it (and him!) to Dr. Bak, so she could put him in it and make any necessary adjustments.  I have to tell you, she was INCREDIBLY impressed!  She didn't make… Read More

Saturday #2 At Eddie’s Wheels

After my first Saturday at Eddie's Wheels, I couldn't wait to see what new and wonderful 2 and 4-leggeds I would meet on my second visit.  All my expectations were more than fulfilled! The first visitor was a very handsome brown and white husky who had to be held up in the front and back because none… Read More

My First Saturday At Eddie’s Wheels

I spent my first Saturday morning at Eddie's Wheels helping meet and greet some wonderful new and old clients. First up was Elsie, a 6 year old pug/border collie mix from NH.  She had been hit by a train about 5 weeks ago and amazingly is still on this planet to tell the story.  Her… Read More

Help ‘Em Up Harness Available Now

Introducing the Help'EmUp Harness with "Hip Lift." A complete shoulder and hip harness system that literally lifts the lives of aging or recovering dogs! By placing a pair of handles where you can quickly reach them, this unique harness allows you to lend support at any time. The harness is especially helpful for owners whose… Read More

How Long Does it take a dog to learn to drive a cart? If it’s an Eddie’s Wheels, it’s less than a minute!

We are always asked, " How long does it take a dog to adapt to using a dog wheelchair?"  In our experience, if a dog is unable to walk on his own and is in otherwise good health,  most dogs take right off in their carts.  That's because we are putting them back to normal… Read More