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Wheelchairs for Pets

Recycled carts, rentals, and donations to rescues

Our mobility carts are so well made and durable that they are often in excellent condition when they are no longer needed by the original animal.  We receive requests for discounted carts on a daily basis from people with limited ability to pay for a new cart, and from rescue groups and humane organizations.   We… Read More

Adjustable Clinic Quad for Giant Dog’s Rehab

Bev Savoie, at New England Canine, an animal rehab center in East Longmeadow, MA referred Tank, a Giant Mastiff to us.  Tank is a big lazy dog, who following ventral slot surgery failed to get up on his feet again.  He spent an entire month at Tufts Veterinary Hospital, and finally was sent home with… Read More

An Adjustable Therapy Stand Can Take the Place of Hydro-therapy

One of the main reason underwater treadmill hydro-therapy is used in animal rehabilitation is that the water provides bouyancy for animals with weak or paralyzed limbs.  With the water holding the animal up, a canine rehab practitioner can stand or sit in the hydro unit and work the animals' legs to retrain their gait.  Underwater… Read More

Shep, A GSD with Degenerative Myelopathy in Australia, Gets a Variable Axle Dog wheelchair

  It's always a little daunting sending a dog wheelchair half the way around the world !  This beautiful German Shepard, Shep, lives on a farm in Australia.  We had a fairly lengthy correspondence and a long distance phone call to get all the details settled about Shep's cart.  It was still a delight to… Read More

Willa, Webster and Sweet Pea, Disabled dogs stroll in their dog wheelchairs

Today is the first day of Spring and after a very long snowy New England Winter, the  snow is melting and we're in MUD season...... also known for maple sugaring , blossoming dog poop and dogs running wild.  Eddie, who serves as Animal Control officer of our little town, is getting calls every day about… Read More