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Gait Re-training Using Eddie’s Wheels Stand and Dogtread


Albert, a French Bulldog, who had spinal surgery in April 2011 came to see us two months ago to have stirrups put on his wheelchair. Despite having  feeling in his feet, he was dragging his legs and "being lazy" about using his rear legs in the cart. Nerves regenerate very slowly - only one millimeter… Read More

How Long Does it take a dog to learn to drive a cart? If it’s an Eddie’s Wheels, it’s less than a minute!

We are always asked, " How long does it take a dog to adapt to using a dog wheelchair?"  In our experience, if a dog is unable to walk on his own and is in otherwise good health, most dogs take right off in their carts. That's because we are putting them back to normal… Read More

Customized carts offer solutions for animals with unique disabilities

Little Gus, a 3 lb. chihuahua was shaken by the neck by a husky and rendered quadriplegic.  But he and his family did not give up on him. Time is a great healer, and once Gus was past the crisis in his injuries, his family went looking for a mobility aid that would support his… Read More

Farm Animals Rehabilitate in Wheelchairs too!

When Sheila, the farm manager of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary called us to help them with Summer, a sheep disabled due to meningeal worms, we were grateful that we had spent a year providing wheelchairs to Spin, another disabled sheep.    Summer arrived here with a full fleece, over four inches thick, but she was due… Read More

A dog wheelchair can save your dog’s life

  We received a phone call  from a local person the other night - he'd been told by his vet that he should think about putting his five year German Short Pointer down because he had suddenly "gone down" in the rear and was incapable of walking on his own.  The well-meaning veterinarian told him… Read More