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Featured Pets

Dog Wheelchairs for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia and Arthritis

When Neikko, a six year old Akita, showed up here for a wheelchair, I was skeptical that he'd use it.  He was able to stand and walk, but not very far, and his family told me that he had not been able to go for a real walk for almost 2 years.  The reason?  Bad hip… Read More

Molly’s New Ride

We love this video of Molly the border collie in her new Eddie's Wheels cart.  Molly had had a cart by another manufacturer.   A visiting American named Eileen thought Molly deserved a better ride, and  bought her the Eddie's Wheels cart.  Molly has recently been voted the "best loved dog" in Ireland… Read More

Sweet Pea – The Paralyzed PitBull from Animal Precinct

We don't know much about Sweet Pea's life before she landed at the ASPCA, paralyzed and emaciated, covered with pressure sores on all her boney prominences. All we know is that she was given the name Sweet Pea, because in the face of all that suffering, her loving spirit inspired others to want to save… Read More

Henry the Deer

Henry lives in a wildlife refuge and rehabilitation center.  He was born with dwarfed forelimbs and paralyzed rear legs and was not expected to survive. Instead, he has thrived.  Such a tough little deer deserved a better quality of life, which only a full quad cart could provide.  Below, Henry stands up for the first… Read More

Chrissie – A Great Rehab Story

Now, seven months after her initial injury she is walking without the cart. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you all for the wonderful carts you make. The cart has given Chrissie a chance to recover and live an active and happy life. Thank you very much. Evie McClintock (and Chrissie) P.S… Read More