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Tigger Loves His Eddie’s Wheels Dog Wheelchair!


Dear Eddie's Wheels: I just wanted to let you know that the cart has been a complete success! When we first got it, we took it (and him!) to Dr. Bak, so she could put him in it and make any necessary adjustments. I have to tell you, she was INCREDIBLY impressed! She didn't make… Read More

Dog Wheelchair Comparisons for Dachshunds


A testimonial from a client who has tried 3 different carts!  She got it right the last time - with Eddie's Wheels! When my Dachshund became disabled from ruptured disks and 2 surgeries that were not successful, I was lost and devastated. I had never been faced with a situation like this. I didn't even… Read More

Dog Wheelchair Reviews By Customers – Eddie’s Wheels beats Walkin’Wheels

Leslie, I am very overdue at reporting in on Katie and her Eddie's wheels...sorry! The quick answer is that she LOVES them!!! Katie's whole face lights up and body starts wiggling "big time" when she sees her wheels as she knows she's about to go for a spin. I guess the hospital even used Katie… Read More

Dog Wheelchair Review – a year later and rehabilitating


Leslie, I just want to let you know how Galahad is doing with his cart. This is the 1st anniversary of Galahad having his cart. Since he got his cart he has missed very few days walking in the park and those were due to inclement weather. As you can see from the attached picture… Read More

Another Chance Rescue – Vet Approval

I don't know why I haven't written this a long time ago, but my middle name is LATE explaining many things. I can't thank you all enough for the cart you made for Hannah. Her hygroma is no longer ulcerated, and the asymmetrical leg holes have worked perfectly so that she does not rub on it while… Read More