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Animal Rehab Professionals Prefer Eddie’s Wheels

Sue Davis

We were delighted to meet with Sue Davis, P.T.,  author of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals, A Guide for Consumers at our facility this summer for an intensive workshop on measuring, fitting and adjusting Eddie's Wheels carts. Sue's book on animal rehab is a fascinating read, full of interesting and vital information about the… Read More

Possum, a corgi with DM, hits the trails


"Possum is back on the road again and enjoying his cart. He gets excited when we pick up the cart - cause he knows he is going out! He doesn't want to keep his feet in the stirrups he is still trying to use them. After we are out for awhile  I put his weaker… Read More

Tigger Loves His Eddie’s Wheels Dog Wheelchair!


Dear Eddie's Wheels: I just wanted to let you know that the cart has been a complete success! When we first got it, we took it (and him!) to Dr. Bak, so she could put him in it and make any necessary adjustments. I have to tell you, she was INCREDIBLY impressed! She didn't make… Read More

Dog Wheelchair Comparisons for Dachshunds


A testimonial from a client who has tried 3 different carts!  She got it right the last time - with Eddie's Wheels! When my Dachshund became disabled from ruptured disks and 2 surgeries that were not successful, I was lost and devastated. I had never been faced with a situation like this. I didn't even… Read More

Dog Wheelchair Reviews By Customers – Eddie’s Wheels beats Walkin’Wheels

Leslie, I am very overdue at reporting in on Katie and her Eddie's wheels...sorry! The quick answer is that she LOVES them!!! Katie's whole face lights up and body starts wiggling "big time" when she sees her wheels as she knows she's about to go for a spin. I guess the hospital even used Katie… Read More