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Preferred by Animal Rehab Practitioner

Eddie's Wheels carts are the only carts that I recommend for my patients, the only one that I recommends to vets / surgeons and the only ones that I use with my own dogs. I have been an avid supporter for over 5 years. Prior to my first experience with Eddie's Wheels carts, I had… Read More

Corgis with Degenerative Myelopathy love Eddie’s Wheels carts


To the Gang at Eddie's Wheels: "We just love the cart and so does Redford. When we go for a walk now with our other two corgis  Redford keeps up and is part of the team. He runs in the cart  and is happy as can be. He also got into a bit of an… Read More

Recycled Eddie’s Wheels cart gives life to disabled German Shepard

I was just looking up your link again to recommend to someone on my GSD list and thought I would take this time to thank you for "Wheels" My Skyler who turned 13 has been on borrowed Wheels for about 6 months. We actually are using the wheels you made for Destiny the Shepherd on… Read More



Hi! I thought I would share a couple pictures of Mark in his wheels at the Flatcoat club picnic. He was running around without his wheels for part of the day, then started to get sore and would have had to miss out on more playing if he didn't have his wheels. We popped him… Read More



I just wanted to take a moment to thank you folks for the wheels and its obvious comfort. Boomer was kind of hesitant at first about using the wheels but now he runs around with them without a problem. The stirrups are a little useless now because he won’t keep his legs up considering he… Read More