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Hi – Nikki’s wheels arrived in time for her birthday and off she went…..! Thanks so much for giving her back her life! Sharon… Read More

From Chris

Hi Leslie, First things first. The cart is GREAT!. Tory is ripping around in it. She loves it. Its very well made, and fits her very well. I ended up taking off the stirrups ‘cause she doesn't really need them. Here is a video of her the day we got the cart. Feel free to… Read More

Katy Spier and Otis


Thanks so much for the great wheels. Otis is getting used to them, and is hard to keep up with! between his swimming and the wheels, he thinks he is way too cool! Thanks again so much for being there for our needy friends. Katy Spier and Otis… Read More



Hi, photo of Freddie just after his swim in the sea (he swims IN the cart with no difficulty!). Please feel free to add this pic to your website if you wish. Kind regards Nancy… Read More

From Greta


Hi, We received Yorkie's wheels last Friday. I am very please at how well it is made and how perfectly proportioned it is for him. It seems that he felt a little uneasy at first in it but later that day when he saw my nephew, he took off after him running at full force… Read More