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Hey everyone, We are so thrilled! Big is running down the driveway again! His drool is running again with excitement and I have to say I cried when I walked down the driveway with him the first time we put them on.... A great solution for a great dog with a lot of life left… Read More



Nancy Reed wrote: Hi Leslie, just wanted you to know that the cart arrived Wednesday, and Louie's been using it daily since. He took right to it. Now in the morning when I say 'wanna go for a walk', he gets that happy look on his face again, and follows me into the closet to… Read More



Dear Eddie's Wheels, Last October, our 5 year old Beagle-ish dog named Cameron ruptured a disc in his back that rendered him paralyzed in his hind legs. He had the surgery to remove the ruptured disc, but unfortunately, he will never regain feeling due to the damage caused to his spine. We were devastated by… Read More



Hi Leslie. here are some pics of Rusty. He is doing just great. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround. Also, I am so glad I called you that day to ask why I should chose Eddie's when the majority of people I asked recommended canine carts. I knew Glen, my husband and I… Read More

From Dieter in Germany


Dear all! More than a week has passed since we received our "Eddies wheels cart"and it's time to express our thanks to everybody who was envolved to give back our Gina a happy life. From day to day it went better and better. In the meantime Gina has fully realized all the advantages of the… Read More