Dog Wheelchair Reviews By Customers – Eddie's Wheels beats Walkin'Wheels

I am very overdue at reporting in on Katie and her Eddie’s wheels…sorry!  The quick answer is that she LOVES them!!!  Katie’s whole face lights up and body starts wiggling “big time” when she sees her wheels as she knows she’s about to go for a spin.  I guess the hospital even used Katie to encourage other dogs to use their wheels and soon she had them racing the halls with her!  Yay Katie…nothing gets her down for long and she brings out the best in everyone…  :-)

My husband and I (both architects) are very impressed at how incredibly well made/designed and light Katie’s Eddie’s wheels are compared to the Walking Wheels.  I am thrilled because it is much easier to get Katie in and out.  :-)  At this point she can stay in them for about 2 hours at a stretch depending on what we are doing.  Now Joseph (our son) and I want to invent a cushion so she can lay down while she’s in her wheels and then be able to stay in them for longer.  We may need to invest in booties as well as the sidewalks/streets are getting hot with the season changes.

We had a gorgeous Spring day on Palm Sunday so we went for a family walk  on a local walking/biking trail.  I brought my camera and took a couple short videos which I’ve put together into one video and posted it on the Katie’s Flickr set. This time my handsome assistant is my husband, Gary as Joseph was happily flying ahead on his scooter.  We met all sorts of people and their pups and I have to say I was very impressed as most dogs weren’t phased by Katie’s wheels.  The owners were a bit more hesitant and even apologetic with their curiosity.  We spoke with one couple at length as the woman said she had just seen something on TV about carts for animals and was fascinated to see one in person.  She was amazed at how natural and happy Katie appeared. :-)   This past Saturday we took Katie to Petsmart were she continued to be a great ambassador for “paw challenged” dogs.  We love spreading the word about Eddie’s Wheels!

The McKees

3 Responses to Dog Wheelchair Reviews By Customers – Eddie's Wheels beats Walkin'Wheels

  1. Kim L. Shawver January 9, 2013 at 10:41 pm #

    I may be interested in one of your carts, for a small dog we recieved at the Humane Society, this little girl can not use her back legs, she does not apear to be in any pain in fact she is a happy, happy girl.We are currently looking for a sponsor so we can take her to a specialist to find what is wrong with her, just by looking at her i would say she was most likely born like this.
    Her name is “Worth It”

    • leslie January 10, 2013 at 11:36 am #

      We have a supply of used carts in stock and if one of them fits WorthIT, we’ll be happy to donate it to her. If we have to build a new one, we always offer rescue dogs a steep discount.

      • Kim L. Shawver January 10, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

        Thank you doesn’t seem to say enough! But I do thank you for your generous offer and as soon as we can get her (Worth It ) vetted I will let you know something!

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