Getting the Story Straight: Eddie's Wheels donated Lucky Feeney a New Cart After His Was Stolen

Lucky Feeney in the cart that was stolen from his house

Lucky Feeney stands tall in his custom counterbalanced cart that compensates for weakness in his front legs.

This is a letter from David Feeney, whose dog wheelchair was stolen in Boston in June 2011.


When I realized that my dog would no longer walk again I made inquiries regarding wheelchairs.  I initially went to the internet, but, after consulting with my veterinarian, I was informed that the best in wheels is Eddie’s Wheels.  So, via Eddie’s Wheels my dog could again walk and get some exercise.  Then disaster struck:  my dog’s wheelchair was stolen.  This story made the news.  Right away a different pet wheelchair company jumped on the story and rushed down with one of their wheelchairs as a donation to my dog.  However, that particular wheelchair (WalkinWheels)  was unusable for my dog, who needs a counterbalanced wheelchair.  In the donated chair by the other company (Handicapped Pets)  he just fell flat onto his face.  Eddie’s Wheels had been trying to contact me, but my phone was busy for two days after the theft.

Lucky needed to be held up with a strap in the front under his chest in the WalkinWheels cart.

Eddie’s finally contacted me and then custom- built another chair for my dog – at no cost to yours truly.  With Eddie’s Wheels my dog can now walk again without falling on his face.  It’s obvious to me that Eddie’s Wheels have set the standard for pet wheelchairs.  At Eddie’s you won’t get a one-size-fits-all wheelchair.  What you will get is an appointment for consultation, a thorough history of your pet will be taken, precise measurements, and then the best device to aid in mobility.

If you want your pet to get the best, and regain mobility without undue stress, get Eddie’s Wheels.


Dave Feeney (and Lucky!)

In the meantime, the local news media made a great splash about the wonderful Handicapped Pets company  that donated their WalkinWheels to Lucky, with their PR department making sure that the newspapers and television were there to exploit this dog’s tragedy.

Almost a month to the day later, another dog’s wheelchair was stolen from a yard in Cranston, Rhode Island.  Jack is a hound with cervical disc and also had a specially engineered custom wheelchair that would be weightless on his cervical spine.   As soon as we heard that Jack’s cart had been stolen, we found a used cart on our deck that we were ready to rebuild to fit Jack’s special disabilities.   However, before we could even get started, another wonderful Eddie’s Wheels customer donated their used cart to Jack – serendipitously, it was just the right size and also neutral balanced.

Jack Proulx, in the cart that was stolen from his yard in Cranston RI

Jack Proulx has a cart that is weightless on his neck and shoulders, so as not aggravate cervical discs.

While WalkinWheels carts are serviceable for dogs strong in their forelimbs, with no cervical issues, or front leg weakness, they have very limited use.   We are receiving inquiries from folks who bought this style for their dogs with degenerative myelopathy who find it useless once the disease begins to affect the trunk and front legs.



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  1. wheelchairs August 5, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

    wheelchairs are very useful most especially to those who are handicapped and physically
    disabled because it helps them do the things that they want and makes their lives easier and bearable.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Dianne Bolin March 28, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

    I recently sent a request for a used wheelchair for my dog on facebook. You sent me a message saying that you had one and you would let me have it for the price of the adjustments for her size. I sent you an email back asking you what I needed to do, and I never got a response back. I hope this was a sincere offer!!!! Thanks

    • leslie March 30, 2012 at 3:06 pm #

      In order for me to know if I have a used cart for you, I need your dog’s measurements. Fill out the order form, indicate that you’re looking for a used cart, and we’ll see if we have anything that we can recycle for your dog.

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