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Happy Tails – Nicky the Boxer’s rehab in dog wheelchair

We first heard about Nick, a boxer puppy who was found hit by a car along the side of a road in Pennsylvania, from Adopt-a-Boxer Rescue.  This wonderful group had taken him in, arranged for spinal surgery, and was fostering him for months while he healed.   Even with surgery, he was very ataxic, wobbly on his feet and fell constantly.  Being a young male boxer, that didn’t slow him down one bit, and he would drag himself , running on his front legs, impervious to pain as he scraped the skin off the tops of his feet.

Eddie’s Wheels made Nicky a wheelchair with room to grow, knowing that he would fill out and grow.  At that time, he was about 6 months old and weighed  around 40 lbs.   The rescue group was having a hard time placing him, even with a wheelchair, and finally, after one family returned him after a couple of weeks, we agreed to foster him.  Nicky stayed with one of our employees at night, and came to work every day at Eddie’s Wheels.  He became a very adept driver, able to keep himself balanced on inclines and hillsides, and would run endlessly after balls and sticks. Here he is in the summer of 2008:

Eventually, Nick found his forever home with the family of one his original rescuers.  We were delighted to see how he’s grown up and miraculously running and playing without the benefit of his wheelchair.