"Jack Flash" DM support group founder endorses Eddie's Wheels

We were contacted by Marjorie Zimmerman, founder of the Jack Flash Degenerative Myelopathy support group, after her dog, Miss T, was unable to use a WalkinWheels cart.   Marjorie Zimmerman has the been on the forefront of advocacy for German Shepherd dogs with degenerative myelopathy for over a decade. Visit her “Jack Flash”  website, www.mzjf.com,  -  for information about DM in German Shepards.

Dear Leslie and Ed,

Thank you so very much for finding a cart for Missie T and refurbishing it for her so quickly. Needless to say, she took to it immediately and now I have to run to keep up with her! LOL! You make an excellent cart and even though Missie T weighs 105 pounds, it wasn’t too difficult to get her into the cart. I love the idea that once her back legs are through the leg rings, she is supported enough to be able to stand while I complete the hooking up process. One of the other carts I tried had no support system, so one needed four arms to support the dog when being settled into the cart. It could not be utilized for a dog who could not stand on its own, unless 2 people worked together. I can seamlessly get Missie T into her Eddies Wheels cart, alone, which is very important if the cart is to be useful. Your suggestion of the variable balance cart was perfect for Missie T :)   Last, but certainly not least, was the pleasure of having the cart arrive in one piece!!!

As the Founder of the Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group, I must say, without hesitation, that the Eddie’s Wheels cart is my pick of the carts on the market. It is user friendly and very well built. I have tried other carts and by far, your cart is superior to the others I tested. It is sturdy, while not being too heavy and once again, I must reiterate that one person can put a large dog into the cart without assistance.. Age wise, I am on the far side of my sixties, and I am not much heavier than Missie T, so if I am able to put her into the cart  alone, most people should be able to do the same with their dog.

Word of warning- let your customers know that some dogs take off immediately once in the cart!!! ROFL! Missie T loved her new found freedom… I should have put her in the cart outside, for once placed in the car,t she careened through the house like a maniac, joyfully turning over waterbowls while I tried to catch her.  I think she thoroughly enjoyed the *catch me if you can game*.

Thank you, once again, for making such a dog friendly and user friendly cart!

Warmest Regards,
Marjorie Zimmerman
Founder: Degenerative Myelopathy Support group
The Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group

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  1. leslie October 7, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    Here are some further comments made in a Facebook discussion.
    Marjorie Zimmerman I tried the walkin wheels- as the founder of the DM Support Group, I try to test out new things. A huge THUMBS DOWN for the Walkin Wheels cart. The support system is HORRID, IMHO, and there was no making it work for a large dog. If the strap that held the leg rings together was moved too far forward, there was zero support and the dog sank all the way down. (The leg rings themselves are stretchy, so they did bow under the weight of a 105 pound dog). If fastened further back, it interefered with urination. It came unfastened constantly on walks, dumping the dog. The velcro did not hold and there was no pad over it, so when the velcro came loose, as it always did (it was cut too small to wrap properly) the dogs groin would become irritated :( It would not stay fastened with the weight of a large dog and the strap being too short. Additionally, try threading the side rails through the front harness tiny hole while your dog cant stand on its own. GOOD LUCK, CHARLIE! The side rails end up facing the sky and its hell on wheels to keep them level with a dog that cannot stand on its own, and sinks down in the rear. As the dog sinks, the side rails go up. Unless there are 2 people, its next to impossible to get a big dog into the walkin wheels alone. IMHO, as the Founder of the DM Support Group, The Eddie’s Wheels cart is easy to get a large dog into, without help. I am a senior and I can get my 105 pound German Shepherd into the cart without a problem…Once the dogs legs are in the leg rings, there is support while making the final fastenings. There is zero support in the Walkin Wheels cart, at this point, and the legs rings are just the beginning of getting a dog into the walkin wheels, unlike the Eddie’s Wheels cart where once the rear legs are in, you are *home free*!

    Marjorie Zimmerman This is just the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I did contact walkin wheels with my criticisms and they agreed the points I mentioned were problematic and they hoped to improve the support system in the future. IMHO they …should inform owners of large dogs that the cart is problematic for large dogs before they sell a cart . Last time I spoke with them they said they were attempting to get larger Velcro straps to hold the leg rings together for larger dogs. They did tell me that the harness they sold that hooks to the cart is not recommended for large DM dogs. I have no axe to grind with them. I ordered from them with eyes wide open as I felt obligated to give it a try, being the founder of the DM Support Group. It is my duty to be objective. I always recommend Eddies Wheels because I know they make a great cart. However, I didn’t think it was fair to have a closed mind when I have group members asking for my opinion. Dear friends bought an Eddies Wheels cart for their DM dog upon my recommendation, so I knew I had access to it if the Walkin Wheels didn’t work out, as their dog had passed. No good deed goes unpunished, though, as their cart didn’t fit Missie T (my girl) :( Aaaaaack! I am still glad I tried the Walkin Wheels because in my position I have much influence and it’s important to me to do the right thing and be open minded. Leslie was wonderful when I called and she had Missie T wheeling in 3 days!!! :) Missie T is so comfortable she decided to try to climb up on the couch in her cart!! I did catch it on video and it’s priceless-she had no clue it was not going to happen!!! LMAO!!! She has made zillions of new friends on her cart walks, as she has a wonderful temperament and sucks up attention like a sponge :)

    Marjorie Zimmerman Let me add, to be fair, the people I spoke with on the phone at Walkin Wheels were courteous and professional sounding- they just have an inferior product, IMHO… They would need many, many changes to make their cart user friendly for large dogs, IMHO. I can only report my experience the way it happened.

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