Visual Measuring Guide

Visual Guide To Measuring Your Dog

Support the dog in a normal standing position using a support sling. All four paws should be flat on the ground and the top line of the dog should be straight. Have another person keep the dog’s attention so that the head is facing forward.

All measurements must be taken with the pet held in a normal healthy standing position.  Use a metal tape measure or yardstick and provide us with straight-line measurements.  Have a friend assist you in supporting the pet.

Measurement A

Make sure that the dog’s front legs are set squarely beneath the shoulders, not bracing forward or back or splayed to the sides.

Using a metal tape measure, ruler or yardstick, follow the front legs up to the top of the shoulder blades (see photo) and measure A.

Measurement B

Measurement B is taken from the center of the front leg to the beginning of the rear leg.

This measurement tells us how long the side rails need to be in front of the saddle.

Measurement C

Placing one hand gently against the inside of the rear leg, measure straight across the widest part of the pet’s thigh, being careful not to compress the muscle, for measurement C.

Check both legs and provide us with the largest measurement.

Measurement D

Placing your hand between the dog’s legs, and gently pushing upward.

Measure from the dogs pelvic floor (muscle) to the ground for measurement D – “floor to groin.”

Measurement E

Use your caliper to measure straight across the widest part of the pet’s body for measurement E. Be sure to take E measurements at the shoulders, ribs, and rump. (You should be able to comfortably pass the caliper over each widest point.) Click here for instructions to make and use the caliper to measure your dog.

The second alternative to the caliper is to gently box the dog in with two stiff objects, such as clipboard or books, making sure not to box in the entire side of the dog at once. (See photo)

C and E determine the size and shape of the frame and saddle. They are welded dimensions and cannot be adjusted, therefore double (and triple) check these two.