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My First Saturday At Eddie’s Wheels

I spent my first Saturday morning at Eddie’s Wheels helping meet and greet some wonderful new and old clients.

First up was Elsie, a 6 year old pug/border collie mix from NH.  She had been hit by a train about 5 weeks ago and amazingly is still on this planet to tell the story.  Her back legs are no longer functioning and her guardians checked out the internet for wheelchair options.  They decided that Eddie’s Wheels was the place for them.

A somewhat subdued Elsie was measured up by Leslie and then put into a cart for a drive tryout.  It didn’t take her more than 10 seconds  to have those wheels rolling.   And the change in her demeanor was oh so apparent.  Elsie headed back home with her “loaner” cart for the 3 weeks until she comes back for a final fitting in her brand new custom made purple colored wheel chair.  Her old life is now back on track and once again she’ll be able to do farm patrol where she resides.

Elsie, a puggle who was run over by a train, tries out a used cart

Elsie, a puggle who was hit by a train, tries out a used cart

Next was a beautiful, outgoing, mellow grey cat named Lucky about 9 months old.   Lucky was born with a birth defect that left him unable to walk .  He and his sibling had been discarded by their original owners.!! Their now guardians had found them in a box and took them in.

Lucky obliged willingly to being measured as his excited and relieved guardians watched on knowing that the day would soon be here for Lucky to have his cat walker and know for the first time the joy of being able to walk and be steady on his legs.

Scout, the magnificent black lab was a wonder to behold as he “galloped” around the property in his upgraded wheelchair.

And finally, Hobie a lhasa apso came back for a refurbishment of her Eddie’s Wheel wheelchair that  she had been fitted for 6 years ago.  After all the traveling she had done, new wheels and new padding were definitely in order so she can continue to chase squirrels and other critters in her backyard.  Leslie was able to find another used cart she could use on loan while her original cart is being restored to “good as new” condition.   She is a very happy camper all around.

It was great and gratifying for me to spend time in such company and as I continue to be part of this Saturday activity, it will be my pleasure to share these experiences with you.