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Not all Front Wheel Carts are Equal

A front wheel cart by K9 Cart

Willa can sit down in her Eddie’s Wheels front wheel cart

We were astonished at the complexity of the front wheel cart  Tiky was fitted with from the K9 cart company. Not only is this cart cumbersome, Tiky cannot sit or reach the ground to sniff in this contraption.  Her dwarfed forelimbs rub on the harness and have become chafed and swollen.

No other company in the world makes a simple two wheeled front wheel cart that allows animals with front leg disabilities the freedom that an Eddie’s Wheels front wheel cart does.   We are always  amazed at the animal’s ability to learn how to balance themselves in our carts and learn just how far it can lean forward, and how fast it can go.  Visit our front wheel cart page for more videos of dogs playing in their front wheel carts.

Willa and Webster tussle over ownership of a stick

Front wheelers are not just for small dogs either.  We have built front wheel cart for St. Bernards, Mastiffs and Rottweillers who have lost a forelimb to osteosarcomas.

Mia, pictured below, was a car accident victim who lost her front leg  and had a fractured pelvis as a puppy.  Now 10 years old and a survivor of MRSA, she needed a mobility aid that would support her failing remaining front leg without adding any load to her compromised pelvic limbs.  We actually tried her in a quad cart at first – but it was too much support for this spirited dog.  This customized front wheel cart, with tip wheels in the front protects her stump from being re-injured if she flipped forward.  The soft yoke over her hips  plus the variable axle effectively makes this a neutral-balanced front wheel cart, weightless on her hips.

Here she is at the day of her fitting, enjoying her ability to walk again without pain and without faltering.

Mia, a tripod with weak pelvic limbs, got tip wheels and a soft yoke on her Eddie’s Wheels front wheel car

Even with tip wheels, Mia can sit down and take a break.