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Nutmeg, A Yellow Lab Hits His Stride!

My name is Pat Butterfield and I have been asked by Leslie G to  contribute as a guest blogger.   I recently moved to this area as a semi-retiree and was hoping to find a meaningful way to occupy some of my now free time, having run my own business for 15 years.

After meeting Leslie and Eddie (yes the famous Eddie of Eddie’s Wheel’s) I knew that it would give me tremendous satisfaction to be able to offer my “life experience” as a volunteer working with the splendid team who make it all happen for the animals!

So it is with great pleasure that I post my first such blog featuring Nutmeg who has a decidedly whole new lease on life in her standard balance dog wheelchair.

As the guardian to many beloved companion animals over the course of my life, I have become a great deal more enlightened about disabled dogs , cats and other animals.  Their lives have been given a whole new meaning with the addition of an Eddie’s Wheels wheelchair.

I have totally fallen in love with Willa, Wilbur and Sweetpea, Leslie and Eddie’s adopted disabled dogs.  They are amazing and can teach us all about what the word courage means!

As I meet more new and amazing clients in the months ahead I will be delighted to share their stories with you.

Nutmeg, a yellow lab in a standard balance Eddie's Wheels dog wheelchair with swinging stirrupsI