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* Choice of cart style and options are based on your pets specific needs *
Please contact us with questions regarding options and pricing.
Prices effective 1/08/13. The only wheelchair guaranteed for the life of your pet.

Cart Model Picture Description Price
Toy Cart Little Cart 1-20 lbs. 1/4″ or 5/16″ aluminum frame, 5″ wheels, cart weighs less than 3lbs. $325
Reinforced Toy Cart For tall or active dogs, 1-20 lbs. $340
Small Cart up to 35 lbs. 3/8″ aluminum frame, 8″ wheels, cart weighs less than 5 lbs. $380
Small Corgi Cart Small Cart For corgi-sized dogs, 20-35 lbs.with additional bracing. $380
Reinforced Small Cart
For tall or active dogs (over 14″ at shoulder), 30-50 lbs.  3/8″ aluminum rod. $395
Medium Cart Medium Cart 35-60 lbs. 1/2″ aluminum frame, 12″ wheels, pneumatic, weighs less than 9 lbs. $445
Reinforced Medium Cart Braced Cart 60-90 lbs. 1/2″ aluminum frame with angle braces for active dogs $490
Large Double Cart Large Cart 90-110 lbs. Double 1/2″ aluminum frame, 12″ wheels, weighs less than 15 lbs. $540
Large Heavy Duty Cart HEavy Duty 110-150 lbs. Extra reinforced 1/2″ aluminum frame, for Giant Breeds $575
Extra Large Heavy Duty
over 150 lbs, includes 16″ wheels $600
Special Engineered Carts Price
Neutral or counterbalanced carts for dogs with cervical spine issues, or weakness in the front legs that would make a standard cart inappropriate. Price includes custom axles and padded support strap. All standard carts can be upgraded to be counterbalanced if pet’s physical condition weakens.
Toy and small cart upgrade kit $85
Medium and large cart upgrade kit $125
Toy 5/16″ counterbalanced cart $400
Small 3/8″ counterbalanced cart $450
3/8″ corgi counterbalanced cart $450
3/8″ large counterbalanced cart – dogs taller than 15″ at shoulder $525
Medium 1/2″ counterbalanced cart – dogs 35-90 lbs. $595
Large 1/2″ counterbalanced cart – dogs 90-110 lbs. $625
Heavy Duty 1/2″ counterbalanced cart – 110-150 lbs. $650
Extra large heavy duty 1/2″ counterbalanced cart – over 150 lbs. $650
Variable Axle
Variable axle
The perfect cart for dogs with DM or pets rehabilitating from FCE.    Allows the owner to change the balance of the cart by moving the wheels forward or back as needed.
For any neutral/counterbalanced cart or upgrade kit
Add $50 to the price of a neutral or counterbalanced cart
Front Wheel Carts
by size and weight
Add $125.00 to the base price.$450 – $675.00
Full Quad Carts Quad cart
Detachable headrest, tow handle, full body support
$800 – $1200
Optional Equipment Price
Rolling stirrups Elevate the feet to prevent damage due to dragging (for little and small carts) $45
Swinging stirrups (for medium and large carts) $45
Front training wheels For additional front support (for little and small carts) $85
Front training wheels (for medium and large carts) $125
Counterweights for Rear Leg Amputees Custom made to keep your cart well balanced (not needed for front wheel carts) $50
Padded Belly Support Strap For additional tummy support $25
Removable Step-In saddle available only for ½” carts for extra-large dogs $125
Optional 14″ wheels for dogs over 16″ at groin  pneumatic wheels $25
Optional 16” wheels for dogs over 27″ at shoulder  pneumatic wheels $30
Cross-country ski bracket Ski attachment $150.00
Road Reflector and Flag Mount $25
Anodized Carts Modernmetalscolors. Pick the color of your choice. + $300 – $400 Add to the basic price.
Help ‘Em Up Harness ™ Harness Lift  breed dog up easier and better with this fully adjustable harness. Adjustable and comfortable, for you and your dog while lifting or restraining. $75 – $125 Priced by size
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Standard Equipment on All Carts

  • Opening yoke for easy entry and exit.
  • All wheels have bearings and stainless steel axle bolts.
  • The rear crossbar is designed to allow full use of the back legs for maximum rehabilitation capabilities.
  • Large eva foam wheels on all medium and large carts or 12-14″ eva foam filled wheels at no additional charge.
  • Removable, washable denim cotton saddle covers.
  • All leading edges are padded or rubber to ensure the safety of pets and furniture.
  • Wrench kit included to make all adjustments, extra stainless steel set screws for maintenance.