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disabled dog in quad canine cart

Mint, a blind epileptic dachshund, in a full quad cart.

Eddie built his first full quad cart for an 80 pound basset hound, Jake, who was quadriplegic following an unsuccessful operation on his neck.  Jake had a vibrant personality despite his disabilities, and his family wanted him to be able to fully participate in their lives. Since then, we’ve built hundreds of custom quad carts.

Like all Eddie’s Wheels carts, the dog is supported in the rear on its pelvic floor on a custom-made welded, padded saddle that mirrors the shape of the dog’s pelvis. The ribcage and chest are held in an adjustable, breathable mesh harness. As much as the pet is able, the animal can use all its legs to move the cart, as we position the dog in a normal standing position. If necessary, optional front or rear stirrups can be used to lift paralyzed legs off the ground. Also available is the detachable headrest, allowing dogs recovering from cervical spine surgery to rest their heads, and permitting the possibility of a dog taking a nap while supported in the cart. Quad carts have been used for rehabilitation,  as well as for hospice for pets with degenerative diseases.

All full quad carts come with turning front wheels that are equal size to the rear wheels, and a detachable tow handle. The length and height of the cart is adjustable.

Each quad cart is individually designed, and fabricated to meet the particular needs of your dog.

To order a quad cart for your dog, click here for the special quad measurement chart. In order to take accurate measurements, have at least one person support the dog in a normal standing position, while you take measurements using a rigid metal tape-measure or ruler. Double-check all your measurements. Please allow three weeks for the cart to be built. Carts are shipped fully assembled with a complete adjustment guide and tools necessary to make adjustments.

Eddie’s Wheels Quad Carts and Walkers

Eddie's Wheels full quad cart

All quad carts have tow handles, and can be customized to meet each dog’s individual needs.


An Eddie’s Wheels full quad cart: 4 equal size wheels, front and rear stirrups, tow handle,detachable head rest, adjustable for height and length, mesh harness. Each frame and axle is custom built to your dog’s measurements. All our machined fittings and parts are manufactured on our premises in our own machine shop.





Herbie, an airedale with a front leg amputation and weak rear legs in an Eddie's Wheels quad cart

Herbie enjoys being one of the gang in his Eddie’s Wheels quad cart

Dear Carole,   Exactly a year ago we received Herbie’s quad cart from you.   Prior to it arriving I was chasing you up to see if it could possibly be sent as early as possible as I feared Herbie would not be alive to benefit from it. Today it gives me great pleasure to say not only is he alive a year after first enjoying his cart but he is even more alert, confident , interested, and generally full of wellbeing in most part due to eddieswheels. He has lost complete control of his back legs, and as a front amputee you would think he is a very sad case, but not a bit of it. Living in a Vicarage he always has a lot going on people coming and going.  He is as interested in life as he was when we first rescued him.   His Vetininary Surgeon, Jonathan Wray is amazed how well he is doing and is most definitely attributing it to his quad cart. Herbie’s heart and lungs are in excellent condition despite him being almost 12 years of age.  As an Airedale that could be considered his natural life cycle.Thank you so much for making his cart for him; for giving him independence and spirit in order to enjoy life.  For making it so much easier for us to care for him.  Thank you, from the bottom of our heart.   Lyn Rowlands   Herbie’s carer


For small indoor pets who need help in all four legs, , we can design a lightweight walker. This style of pet wheelchair has been used by small dogs with cerebellar hypoplasia, peripheral neuropathy in all four legs, severe arthritis etc.

Walkers are not designed as all terrain vehicles, and will not roll well on grass. They are best used indoors  and on paved surfaces.

Rear- wheel walker with full mesh front harness and turning caster wheels

Rear- wheel walker with full mesh front harness and turning caster wheels

This 5 lb. yorkie needed support in all four legs.  The walker weighs less than 2 lbs.

This 5 lb. yorkie needed support in all four legs. The walker weighs less than 2 lbs.









From More Happy Customers:

Dear Leslie,

I wanted to update you all on the progress we are having with Augie’s new cart. We all love it. I researched every cart known to mankind. Believe me we tried every single one of them. There is even a video of Augie my 98lb male German shepherd trying one out. That cart was flimsy and no way could handle my boy. Nice video but it did not work. We tried all manufacturers, which I will not mention.

Auggie in his Eddie's Wheels quad!

At the end of Auggie’s long battle with degenerative myelopathy, he needed the support of a full quad cart.

Believe me I Googled the web, found them and spoke to ALL and tried them out. They were all returned at a fraction of what I paid for them. You see my Augie is my reason for living.

HE GETS THE BEST OF EVERYTHING THAT I CAN PROVIDE. As you know I visited you all @ EDDIE’S WHEELS. I DID NOT KNOW THAT I WAS GOING TO SEE SANTA’S  WORKSHOP. Words can not describe the love, care and devotion that you have for pets that need help. I know that there is a place in heaven for you all. You all are so devoted to helping God’s animals.

Eddie is unreal with his design. He is a true Leonardo Da Vinci. The follow through with the support staff is perfect. When you work with Eddie’s Wheels, you are not a customer, you are family. Thank you all again for all your help.

Sincerely, with affection and respect,

Gerry Aiello, Rocky and Augie


Galahad in his Quad Cart. Note: The front bar protection you see in the picture was an improvised addition by Galahad’s owners.

Galahad suffered a cervical disc herniation and had been quadriplegic for over three months when his rehab vet, Matt Brunke of Shaker Vet Hospital, approached us about renting him a quad cart. Galahad had been living at the rehab hospital for months, and had reached a plateau in his physical therapy.  He needed to be up and moving outside of the confines of a hydrotherapy tank. The clinic quad allowed the staff of the hospital to put him on wheels and let him interact with people again.  This motivated him to work hard and within a couple of weeks, he was ready to go home.

We were able to rent another large quad cart to his owners for a couple of weeks so that he could continue to rehabilitate at home. Within 4 weeks, Galahad was walking on his own. The photo below shows him in his backyard in the rental cart.

As a result of this great success, Shaker Vet Hospital purchased a clinic quad for the practice.  Thanks to Matt Worsham, our customer, who generously donated the quad cart that we now rent out for short-term use for rehabilitation.


Mel, a 9 1/2 year old Doberman, recovering from Wobbler’s surgery is using his quad cart for rehabilitation. Five weeks after his surgery, he has feeling in all 4 legs, and can lie sternal. The cart will allow him to learn to walk again, totally supporting him in a healthy, normal stance. The headrest allows him to stand for longer periods of time, and provides support for his neck. Watch him take his first steps in 5 weeks the day he picked up his wheels. Mel had a complete rehab using this cart and six months later was walking on his own power without the cart.

Paralyzed Doberman with Wobblers in full quad cart

Mel rehabilitated following surgery for Wobblers in his custom quad canine cart. Within 6 months, he was walking on his own again.

Here is a wonderful video showing the total rehab of a weimaraner in Argentina who used our quad cart to rehab from quadriplegia.