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Canine Rehab Success Stories

Nothing gives us more pleasure than hearing from clients whose pets have rehabilitated and no longer need the assistance of a wheelchair. Lately, we have been hearing about a number of dogs for whom a cart was a critical piece of their rehabilitation.

Teddy - Labor Day 2013

Teddy, a 14 year old chow who was a cancer survivor, showed up here with almost no coat (imagine – a naked chow!) and an inability to walk due to Wobblers Syndrome. Four months later,  and 6 lbs. heavier and with a renewed coat, he returned for a cart revision  and showed off his ability to walk briefly on his own.

An even more stunning rehab story is Chewy, a lab who initially needed a counterbalanced cart with training wheels to help him walk. Here he is when he first got his wheels:

Eight months later, Chewy is walking on his own without a cart! Chewbacca’s recovery shows how strengthening by getting adequate exercise in a cart can rehabilitate a dog. His owner writes: ” Here is Chewy without his wheels. He has gotten stronger and is raring to go. He is a little shaky, but getting better every day. Thanks to Eddie’s Wheels for his therapy wheels. We thought it would be a life long thing, but Chewy has shown us different.”

The lesson here? Eddie’s Wheels carts support healing. Healing can take time; but having a great quality of life, including the ability to go for walks can make the difference between a dog who gives up and a dog who gets better!