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Rehabilitating Beau – Adding Acupuncture and Chiropractic

For the past two years, we have been working with Beau, a young pitbull who suffered crushed vertebrae at the T-L junction, resulting in spastic, uncontrolled movements in the rear legs and an inability to carry his own weight with his front legs. He came to us from Bolton Veterinary Hospital after several months of being cared for by one  of the hospital’s vet techs, Helen. She brought him here for wheels and we offered to foster him on the condition that we would provide him with rehabilitation services. Erika McElwey, (www.changeyourrange.com) has been working with us to strengthen him so that he can use his wheelchair with ease and comfort.

We changed Beau’s diet, switching himfrom a prescription diet to a salmon/potato kibble that is easy to digest and produces hard healthy stools.  His therapy regime has consisted of cold laser treatments, massage (fascia release) , traction on our adjustable therapy, and walking on the petzen dogtread (www.dogtread.com).  Just standing in traction on the stand has strengthened his front legs considerably – he no longer automatically splays his front legs.

We called in Dr. Kevin Landau (www.landauvet.com) to provide him with chiropractic care and acupuncture. Dr. Landau came in to find Beau perfectly positioned on the adjustable therapy stand for him to evaluate him.

wired pitbull gets acupuncture

Supported by the stand, Beau is given electro-acupuncture. The stimulation to acupuncture points will help to “rewire” his damaged neurological system.

Dr. Landau mobilizes Beau’s stuck spinal column to give him more flexibility and open up pathways to healing.