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Saturday #2 At Eddie’s Wheels

Bizzy, an 18 year old, gets a dog wheelchair

Bizzy was busy sniffing and being a dog again in her Eddie's Wheels dog wheelchair

After my first Saturday at Eddie’s Wheels, I couldn’t wait to see what new and wonderful 2 and 4-leggeds I would meet on my second visit.  All my expectations were more than fulfilled!

The first visitor was a very handsome brown and white husky who had to be held up in the front and back because none of legs had much “oomph”.  Lex was fortunately adopted by the neighbor of his original caregiver who just “tired” of him.  His new caregivers finally gave him the warm and loving home that any dog deserves.  Now at the age of 14, the indignities of old age had caught up with him.  Leslie determined after measuring him and putting him in a trial wheelchair, that it was just too late for this device to help him. Even with a counterbalanced cart, his front paw knuckled over, and he collapsed in the front legs.   She advised them to invest in a Help ‘Em Up harness as Lex most likely had DM and to continue giving him all the love, care and attention (including massage)  as he continues to live out the balance of his life.


Next came Roo, a 2 lb Chihuahua born without any front legs, whose wheelchair needed some minor adjustments.  Roo stepped into her wheelchair again with some trepidation but after some coaxing and calling ,slowly began to roll those front wheels, and after a few minutes looked about confidently as she navigated around the showroom floor.  Her caregiver was ecstatic and drove back to NYC a very relieved person with her very mobile companion animal.  We hear that Roo has taken over St. Nicholas Park now that she’s back in Manhattan.

A beautiful 10 year old boxer , Prince,  that had been rescued from a shelter arrived also for a cart adjustment.     Once his wheelchairwas adjusted to the right height, he took right off.

Finally, I met  18 year old Bizzy, having never met a dog of that advanced age before.  Bizzy was picking up a re-built used cart  and waited patiently sitting under the shade of a tree surveying all the activities around her, including Willa and Webster woofing it up in their enclosure on the grass much to the delight of all those present.  Hayley customized her wheels, lengthening the siderails and splaying the wheels wider, since she had a tendency to lean to one side due to vestibular syndrome.  Once she got into her cart, she took right off and got busy again!

Watch her go!

I am extremely lucky to be participating in this Saturday ritual that is enriching my life that has for so many years been so connected to animals.  Each client is a class act.