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A Review by a Canine Chiropractor

Dr. Annie Seefeldt,  D.C. , CVSMT  (http://www.chiropracticforeverybody.com/about_dr_seefeldt.html) paid us a two day visit last month on an assignment from a dog named Ray.  Ray was weimaraner patient of  hers who had multipled disc surgeries and whose family ordered a wheelchair from us.  When he passed on, they bequeathed his cart to her and Annie came Read More

Mass Vet Referral Blog features Eddie’s Wheels

As a local New England company, we've cultivated our relationships with many major veterinary surgical and emergency hospitals and animal rehab centers. We have found  that their referrals have sparked our own creativity and  added to our depth of knowledge.   It was referrals from Angell Memorial, Tufts Vet School,  Mass Referral, among  others, that inspired Read More

Why We Love the Help-em-up Harness

Just about any dog who might need a wheelchair also needs help moving around the house, getting in and out a car, navigating stairs – and for these short trips, a manual assist is necessary.  It’s not unusual for us to see dogs here being carried in with a towel wrapped around their bellies with Read More

Pure Bred Dogs are Prone to Disabling Genetic Diseases

If it were not for the existence of pure-bred dogs, there probably would not be enough demand for dog wheelchairs to support the half-dozen dog wheelchair companies in the U.S.    In a recent issue of All Animals, the magazine of the Humane Society of the United States, the cover article was about the increasing prevalence Read More

The Real Deal – Personal Service at Eddie’s Wheels

The best  part of working at Eddie’s Wheels is meeting  those customers who travel to come here for us to meet, evaluate and measure their pets.   IWe see an average of a dozen disabled pets every week at our facility.  Shelburne Falls, our hometown, is a charming New England hilltown, nestled along the banks of Read More

Possum hits the trails

“Possum is back on the road again and enjoying his cart. He gets excited when we pick up the cart – cause he knows he is going out! He doesn’t want to keep his feet in the stirrups he is still trying to use them. After we are out for awhile  I put his weaker Read More

Training a dog to use a wheelchair

Training a dog to use a wheelchair

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “how long will it take for my dog to learn to  use a wheelchair?” It’s our experience that for most dogs who are frustrated in their ability to walk, it takes only a few seconds to get used to walking in one on our carts.  We Read More

"Jack Flash" DM support group founder endorses Eddie's Wheels

We were contacted by Marjorie Zimmerman, founder of the Jack Flash Degenerative Myelopathy support group, after her dog, Miss T, was unable to use a WalkinWheels cart.   Marjorie Zimmerman has the been on the forefront of advocacy for German Shepherd dogs with degenerative myelopathy for over a decade. Visit her “Jack Flash”  website, www.mzjf.com,  -  Read More

Beware of Imitations – UK's Dog Wheels are NOT Identical to Eddie's

Beware of Imitations – UK's Dog Wheels are NOT Identical to Eddie's

It’s said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and we’re seeing a proliferation of dog wheelchairs that, on first glance, look just like Eddie’s Wheels.  We’ve heard from a number of people in the  United Kingdom that Jim Colla’s dog wheels are purported to be the same as genuine Eddie’s Wheels.   While it Read More

Custom- built vs Mass- Produced Dog Wheelchairs, WalkinWheels, Best Friends Mobility

  As caregivers for disabled dogs ourselves, we know how our customers  feel when faced with a dog that suddenly can no longer walk on its own.   We understand the emotional stress of watching your pet drag itself across the floor.  We know how difficult it is to carry the back end of a large Read More