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A Review by a Canine Chiropractor

Dr. Annie Seefeldt,  D.C. , CVSMT  (http://www.chiropracticforeverybody.com/about_dr_seefeldt.html) paid us a two day visit last month on an assignment from a dog named Ray.  Ray was weimaraner patient of  hers who had multipled disc surgeries and whose family ordered a wheelchair from us.  When he passed on, they bequeathed his cart to her and Annie came Read More

Why Eddie’s Wheels Carts do NOT cause decubital ulcers .

Eddie Grinnell, the founder and designer of Eddie’s Wheels carts, is mechanical engineer by trade, so when he was faced with the prospect of designing a wheelchair for his own paralyzed Doberman, he looked at the skeleton of a dog  to create a cart that would support the dog on its bones. Our vets had Read More

Beware of Imitations – UK's Dog Wheels are NOT Identical to Eddie's

Beware of Imitations – UK's Dog Wheels are NOT Identical to Eddie's

It’s said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and we’re seeing a proliferation of dog wheelchairs that, on first glance, look just like Eddie’s Wheels.  We’ve heard from a number of people in the  United Kingdom that Jim Colla’s dog wheels are purported to be the same as genuine Eddie’s Wheels.   While it Read More

Dog Wheelchair Reviews By Customers – Eddie's Wheels beats Walkin'Wheels

Leslie, I am very overdue at reporting in on Katie and her Eddie’s wheels…sorry!  The quick answer is that she LOVES them!!!  Katie’s whole face lights up and body starts wiggling “big time” when she sees her wheels as she knows she’s about to go for a spin.  I guess the hospital even used Katie Read More