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Recycling your Cart

Because we realize that many of our carts will outlast our clients’ need for them, we are offering this page to provide some options for your cart.  Because Front Wheel carts are so specific to each individual dog, and require specific balancing for each dog, we do not recycle front wheel carts.   

Donation back to Eddie’s Wheels: We gratefully accept donations of used rear wheel and quad carts. Your donations allow us to provide custom carts to rescue groups, veterinary teaching hospitals, hospices and sanctuaries for free or reduced prices. Refurbished used carts are modified and resold for substantially reduced prices to those families with limited financial resources. Donated carts allow us to provide loaners and short-term rentals within our local geographic area.

Your donations give life and mobility to a dog who might not otherwise have any option other than euthanasia. We regularly discount custom carts for dogs in rescue, and the recycling of donated used carts provides us with the resources to continue this important part of our mission. If you wish to donate your cart, call us toll-free at 1-888-211-2700. We will issue a call tag and arrange for pick-up and shipping of your cart back to our facility.

Selling your Used Cart on this Site

Original owners of carts that are no more than one year old have the option of using this page to advertise their carts for sale. We are limiting this site to new carts in the possession of the original owners only, as we have no way of vouching for the condition or measurements of carts after they have been used by more than one dog.

We will publish the measurements that the cart was built to, your contact information and the asking price on our website for one month only. Carts listed here should be in excellent condition, and should be shipped fully assembled in the original box with only the wheels removed, if necessary.

If you wish to list your cart on our website for sale, email info@eddieswheels.com with your name, how you wish to be contacted, and the sale price of your cart.

For Buyers Only

  • If you are searching for a used cart for your dog, FIRST start by measuring your dog according to the chart here. Then compare your dog’s measurements to the dimensions of the carts listed.
  • Measurements “C” and “E” need to match perfectly, as these dimensions are the welded parts of the frame, and there is NO adjustment larger or smaller. There is approximately 20% adjustment for height and length, but the proportions between A and D need to be the same.
  • Males cannot use carts built for female dogs.
  • We now list the breed of the dog that originally used the cart.  This intended only as a point of reference.  It is not to imply that only that particular breed would be able to use a specific cart.

If you don’t find anything on the list, feel free to email info@eddieswheels.com to see if a used cart is available that might fit your dog.  Please remember to include all necessary details ie. weight, etc., as indicated on the submission form.  You will find this form by clicking on the “order a cart” tab, on our home page.

Buyer BEWARE: It has come to our attention that there are people buying used carts and re-selling them on internet auction sites – often listing them without the measurements of the cart, the gender for which it was built, and important information about the design of the cart. For instance, counterbalanced carts should not be used by dogs with normal front leg strength. We strongly advise against buying carts unless the seller can provide you with this vital information.

Current Used Carts Available

August Used Carts

Jack, Boxer: Male, 1/2″ Neutral Balance with stirrups. A-24 1/2, B-14, C-7, D-16 3/4, E-9 1/4, 9 1/4, 8 1/4. $350 + shipping. Call or text Deborah 917-318-6509

Chad, German Short Hair Pointer: Male, 1/2″ braced cart. A-28, B-17, C-8, D-17, E-10 1/4, 9, 9 1/2. Asking $375. Contact Jennifer at ellsgirl03@yahoo.com

Jack, Doberman: Male, 1/2″ Neutral Balance with stirrups. A-28, B-18 1/2, C-8, D-21, E-9 1/2, 10, 9 1/2. Asking $350. Contact Jack or Penny at 954-772-4121 or penelopefdodd@gmail.com

Tucker, Corgi: Male, 3/8″ standard cart with stirrups. A-13, B-12 1/2, C-4 3/4, D-8, E-8 1/4, 7 3/4, 7 1/4. Asking $300. Contact Laura at lauraschmader@gmail.com

Jake, Great Pyrenees: Male, 1/2″ Variable Axle cart, step in saddle, hinge. A-32, B-22, C-9, D-21, E-10 1/4, 10, 10. Asking $600. Contact Joanne at lovewineanddogs@gmail.com