Dog Wheelchairs for Front Leg Disabilities

Front wheel carts – for pets with forelimb disabilities

Eddie’s Wheels has been developing its front wheel carts for animals for over 20 years. This simple two-wheeled dog wheelchair was inspired by dogs with missing or deformed front legs. It has evolved into a vehicle that can be used by pets with injured forelimbs, amputees, and brain-damage affecting forelimb mobility.

• Dogs carry up to 65 % of their body weight on the front legs.
• Compensating for the loss of a forelimb eventually takes its toll on the remaining limbs and the spine.
• The use of a front wheel cart for forelimb amputees helps preserve function in the remaining front leg, and can prevent arthritic changes to the spine and rear legs caused by hopping.

Prices range from $630.00 to $1085.00 by size and weight of the dog.

Eddie and Leslie’s dogs, Willa and Webster, have helped us understand the challenges of caring for dogs using front wheel carts.

Other cart companies make 3 or 4 wheeled carts for pets with front leg disabilities, making it impossible for pets to sit or sniff the ground. Eddie’s Wheels simple design allows animals to sit, sniff and run. As owners of two dogs born with no forelimbs, Ed and Leslie understand the challenges of training dogs to uses front wheel carts, and are available to assist you in fine-tuning the balance of your cart.

The basic cart, built to each dog’s specifications, comes with a fully supportive breathable mesh harness under the chest. It is designed to allow the dog to use its functional legs, while taking the weight-bearing off the forelimbs. The rear yoke and green mesh soft yoke, sits over the rump and opens to allow easy entry into the cart. A simple strap holds the pet into the harness over the shoulders.

All front wheelers are custombuilt to match your pet’s measurements, disabilities, and the exercise terrain. Large wheels make the cart stable and take the place of damaged or missing front legs.

Custom modifications might include a raised crossbar to allow full range of motion for dogs whose natural stride is long after years of compensating for the loss of a limb. Front stirrups can be used to elevate non-functional limbs to prevent dragging. Tip wheels and detachable training wheels can be added to insure stability and prevent damage to tender hips and knees.

Watch these videos of dogs celebrating life in their front wheel carts!

Detachable Training Wheels (Outrigger)

For dogs needing more support in the rear limbs, we can add a set of detachable training wheels to the rear of the cart. Positioned slightly off the ground, like bicycle training wheels, these rear wheels provide balance and respite for dogs that are too weak to support themselves full-time in the rear legs. Pictured below is Master, a giant schnauzer in his front wheel cart with detachable rear training wheels.