Thanks to you, and a village of others, including the North Carolina State Veterinary Hospital, our beloved seven-year-old Shelby is walking on his two front legs, and two Eddie's Wheels, strutting through the woods of our rural neighborhood, and sometimes racing along our road when he spies a deer.

Shelby was struck by a "missile disc" which flooded his spinal column with blood, rendering him paraplegic. We followed every protocol that the NC State Vet School suggested, but now, five months after his stroke, Shelby still has no control over his hind legs. For a couple of months, Shelby took physical therapy three times a week from a wonderful rehab center in our neck of North Carolina. One of the ways they tried to help us was to test out, free of charge, a Walkin' Wheels cart they had received from the manufacturer.

Shelby struggled for three weeks to pull the Walkin Wheels cart over our terrain. And ultimately, he pretty much gave up.

As my wife and I searched the Web, we noticed that the dogs who were by
far the most free-wheeling had Eddie's Wheels (YouTube showed what worked and what didn't). When we took Shelby, with our "loaner" Walkin' Wheels to the NC State Vet School, they were very impressed by the bells and whistles of the Walkin' Wheels cart's adjustability, but they were more than chagrined by noticing the terrible results--that using the Walkin' Wheels forced our Shelby to pull the wheels like a horse pulls a cart. Shelby was clearly miserable in the Walkin' Wheels cart. In discussions with the experts at the NC State Vet Hospital, we discovered that they had the best luck with Eddie's Wheels. And it made all the difference. Using Eddie's wheels, Shelby now will walk more than half a mile through our wooded trails, and prance at a good clip down our rural roads.

I work for Duke University, and much of my work involves the Web, so I
attend conferences that teach folks how to skew Google results. I agonize over seeing that currently, search results for pet wheelchairs, which currently being directed to a variety of sites operated by the folks who make Walkin Wheelchairs. I'm so sorry to see that Eddie's Wheels is being usurped by what I HOPE is a well-meaning group, who runs and the Walkin Wheelchairs operation. (As a former investigative reporter for Philadelphia City Paper, it didn't take long to note that the sites for "" who so highly recommends "Walkin Wheels (" and "" all have the same toll free phone #.)

If you ever have any customers who are trying to choose between Eddie's
Wheels and Walkin' Wheels, please feel free to direct them my way. Or
even better yet, just have them search YouTube for dog wheelchairs, and
they'll see how your wheels outpace all others.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your magnificent work on our behalf.

Most Gratefully Yours,