Dear Eddie's Wheels,

Thank you so much for my wheels! I've been having lots of fun walking around the neighborhood and playing with dogs and people in the park. I am sorry it's taken me so long to write but Nina and Pat have been really busy busy taking me for.... THREE walks a day! (rain or shine, night and day). I didn't need any help at all getting used to the wheels- it was easy! And even though I'm getting pretty old (I'm at least 13!) I still like to chase cats and squirrels and once I almost fell over chasing 3 squirrels up a tree (OK, Ok, so I did fall over but it didn't hurt at all). We are very popular! People always stop to see me and ask Nina or Pat what's wrong with me, where I got the wheels, and everything. Some people driving by in cars have even turned around and followed us! Some even get out of their cars and pet me and give me treats. We get smiles everywhere we go, and the man in the UPS truck waves as he drives by. Even the mailman is not afraid of me anymore, since I can't jump up on him! I love playing with other doggies in the park. They are very interested in my wheels which they like to smell all over. Nina and Pat have also taken me up to their cabin in the mountains and I got to try my wheels out in the snow--it was fun! Anyway, I thought you might enjoy these pictures of one of our walks. Thanks again for everything!

Fondly, Cimaron


Here we are at the park

(I once found an oppossum in this ivy, he hissed at me!)

It's a little windy, today! Hmmm, are there any dogs out there?

Ah, the sun feels good...(who says dogs don't smile??)

Time for a drink!

I run up to every person and dog I see for a pat on the head!


Back home on the front lawn, my favorite place to lounge!

I don't really even need a leash, anymore, yey! Freedom!

Here I am, ready to go go go!