Veterinarian Approved

As founder of a large veterinary specialty hospital and a veterinary neurologist and neurosurgeon, I’ve had considerable experience with clients who have had disabled dogs who could not be helped by surgery or medical treatment. For those dogs, carts proved to be a viable option in helping them to regain mobility and live a fuller and happier life. Early on I felt carts were created equally because of my experiences with many different cart companies; however, my opinion changed when one of my clients brought in his German Shepherd with degenerative myelopathy on his Eddie’s Wheels cart.  I was very impressed -- the quality of craftsmanship and engineering addressed all the bio-mechanical issues that the other cart companies ignored.. Eddie’s Wheels carts not only restore mobility, they also aid in rehabilitation and healing. In addition, the level of personal customer service is outstanding -- a necessity for a custom-built product. It is for all of these factors and the many long-term, problem-free successes I’ve seen with dogs on these particular carts that I recommend Eddie’s Wheels carts above all others."

-Jason Berg, DVM DACVIM (Neurology & Internal medicine) 
Animal Specialty Center Yonkers, NY