Last year my dog Maxwell "went down" in August of 2007 and was completely paralyzed in the hind end. I elected to treat him medically and he started a high dose steroid regimine and we had him fit for a cart immediately at you home base in Buckland, MA. Well, my family and I can't praise you and your company enough for the freedom and mobility this has provided for Maxwell over the past year. Last winter he had the cross country skis fitted for his cart and he went with us all the time. This year he has rehabilitated enough to climb up and down a full flight of stairs (no more carrier his 50 lb butt) AND he's recently scaled two mountains in Vermont WITHOUT the cart. In addition, he recently ran in the DOGRUNDOG event again in Norwich, VT and he has set a precedence for dogs that are older and disabled.

This year they had a "short cut" specially for older dogs and dogs with disabilities. They did this because Maxwell was in the race last year and realized the race was for every dog. (It's a wonderful event if you want to look it up - DOGRUNDOG.COM If Maxwell didn't have the cart he wouldn't be doing as well as he is now. I sing praises about your company to many people. In any case, my family and I (and Maxwell of course) thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Renee King
Woodstock, VT