Posh Pets Rescue Pups Prefer Eddie’s Wheels

Little Miss Lexi and her pals, Tomek, Mr. Bojangles roll around New York City in the Best Carts EVER!

Little Miss Lexi and friends

From the family of Little Miss Lexi:

"Thank you, Eddie's Wheels for Pets, for giving our foster and adopted specially abled pups the quality of life they deserve. Familar with the many different companies who make carts, I once thought "one size fits all" was fine. I was wrong! When we adopted Litle Miss Lexi, who had undeveloped front limbs, we wanted her to have a cart that would allow her the freedom to move with ease. What I was finding were carts that an extension on the front, making them look (and feel) bulky. Fotunately I found you. You taught us so much about the design of how a front wheel cart should work. Not only were you giving Lexi a cart that would give her freedom, your cart would keep spine and hips aligned. It took six months for her to learn how to maneuver her cart. However, she did learn to roll between Times Square and Herald Square in NYC.

Our family has grown and now we have two front wheelers and three rear wheelers. Using other rear wheeled carts were not as easy to get the pups in and out of their carts. When our dogs see their carts, they are excited and ready to go. The design of our carts allows us to get the dogs in and out of them quickly and easily.

Tobi, our other front wheeler that we adopted was over two years old and had never had a cart. We thought he would take weeks before he would even allow us to put him into the cart. To our surprise, he was put into his cart and took his very first steps. It was amazing to see! He enjoyed sitting in his cart and watching everyone. Eddie told us that Tobi was enjoying this, sitting for the time in his life....something I took for granted was a special gift for Tobi.

As for rolling, Tobi preferred hopping. He would get into his cart and flip it...and slide himself out. He did this so many times that the alignment of his cart was way off. We took Tobi and cart to you. Your team took the cart apart, fixed it, and put it back together. There was no charge....WOW! Since then Tobi has stopped flipping his cart and will roll to where he wants to go. His favorite thing to do is to sit up straight and tall. Using his cart more, we have noticed that the hump in his back has decreased.

Candy, being fused from her hips to her toes, we were not sure how she should be fitted. Her legs do not stretch backwards. Chris was great, she measured Candy and explained that her legs wuld be positioned as if she were sitting. Her cart is perfect. Candy loves to run and makes a great jogging buddy.

Mr. Bojangles, aka Charlie, recently received his Eddie's Wheels cart. He is our foster dog who came to us with a broken back. He had surgery, but his back legs are still very weak despite having physical therapy. HIs cart allows him to use his legs, and he is actually taking steps. He also loves to run. Having the stirrups, we are able to put his rear legs up so he does not get sores from dragging his feet. Seeing his cart, Mr. Bojangles started to dance in excitement.

Having front and rear wheelers, your carts offer our dogs the freemdeom to maneuver in tight spaces. The design of the front wheeled carts allows Lexi and Tobi to turn on a dime. Their carts become part of them. It is so nice to be able to get them in and out of their carts with ease. We have dealt with so many types of carts that the dogs come to us in, or carts that have been donated to us. However, it is Eddie's Wheels that we prefer. Each of our dogs have their own special, unique needs. You took each of those needs and made them carts that fit them perfectly. Your carts give our dogs the comfort, safety and bility to roll their way. Thank you for caring and making a difference."

Thanks Mary Fayet and Post Pets Rescue for caring for dogs with disabilities!