Bunny's Benz By Eddie's Wheels

The viral story of how Bunny got the Mercedes Benz of dog wheelchairs

Last July the Internet exploded with the heartwarming story of a little dog named Bunny who was rescued in horrendous condition from a shelter in Mexico. She had been hit by a car and was brought to California by her rescuer and placed with The Animal Pad, a rescue with whom we've worked before.

We've long been called the "Cadillac" or the "Rolls Royce" of dog wheelchairs because of our superior engineering, attention to detail and quality construction. So when the rescuer approached us to build Bunny the "Mercedes Benz" of dog wheelchairs it was all in a days work for us. Here's what Henry Friedman, had to say in an interview published on September 14 on The Wildest:

  • "The wheelchair was built by a small business in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, called Eddie’s Wheels. They’ve been building custom dog carts for over 20 years and are known in the dog and rescue world for their excellent design and quality. Truly, the Mercedes-Benz of dog wheelchairs.
  • "To build it custom for Bunny’s special needs, we had to provide them with a long list of her measurements, pictures, and an outline of Bunny’s special needs. Once Eddie’s Wheels had all of Bunny’s information, it took them three to four weeks to build and complete the wheelchair. They did an incredible job and Bunny couldn’t be happier. Once the chair was delivered, we brought the wheelchair to a local van upfitter in San Diego, called SoCal Customs, to help us apply those fancy Mercedes hubcaps to the wheels."

Henry's TikTok video gave the impression that Mercedes Benz had designed and manufactured the Eddie's Wheels cart because they covered up our trademarked chest strap with a Mercedes Benz label. Many folks familiar with our work noticed and commented that the Mercedes Benz of dog wheelchairs looked just like an Eddie's Wheels, but regrettably many of those comments were deleted.

We have been building special customized wheelchairs for bilateral amputees for a long time. Like all our wheelchairs, Bunny's cart was built to her unique measurements and customized to match her disabilities. Her welded padded saddle perfectly fits the size, shape and angle of her pelvis and cradles her in cushy neoprene saddle cover. Straps above her hips and below her tummy combined with a chest strap across the front keep her situated perfectly in the wheelchair. Like all all our carts, the wheels are set at a consistent 10 degree angle, held in place by the custom axles. Like all our carts, Bunny's cart has a lifetime of the dog warranty!

We loved watching Bunny take off in her new wheelchair and begin her new life. Kudos to Mercedes Benz for sponsoring her cart!

To read the whole story, click here: https://www.thewildest.com/dog-lifestyle/bunny-henry-friedman

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