Disabled Dogs Working As Therapy Dogs Featured On CBS-Dallas

Oak Hill Animal Rescue (www.ohar.org) has been working with us for several years, calling on us to provide carts for disabled dogs in their care.  Jim and Bettye Baker, who run this wonderful rescue outside of Dallas, Texas, have a real appreciation of the power our companion animals have to reach into our hearts.

We are particularly touched by the new careers that Arlo, a paralyzed dachshund, and Chili, a paralyzed pitbull, have as therapy dogs at this Dallas Rehabilitation Center. As long-time owners of a similar pair, we know what  joy these dogs bring to everyone who comes into contact with them.  In fact, Chili is using one of our Sweet Pea’s carts, and Arlo looks like a male version of our long-time dachshund mascot, Daisy. We’d like to thank CBS- Dallas for doing this wonderful story about them.  Click on this link to meet Arlo and Chili at work helping paralyzed humans come to terms with their disabilities.