“Jack Flash” DM Support Group Founder Endorses Eddie’s Wheels

We were contacted by Marjorie Zimmerman, founder of the Jack Flash Degenerative Myelopathy support group, after her dog, Miss T, was unable to use a WalkinWheels cart.   Marjorie Zimmerman has the been on the forefront of advocacy for German Shepherd dogs with degenerative myelopathy for over a decade. Visit her “Jack Flash”  website, www.mzjf.com,  –  for information about DM in German Shepards.

Dear Leslie and Ed,

Thank you so very much for finding a cart for Missie T and refurbishing it for her so quickly. Needless to say, she took to it immediately and now I have to run to keep up with her! LOL! You make an excellent cart and even though Missie T weighs 105 pounds, it wasn’t too difficult to get her into the cart. I love the idea that once her back legs are through the leg rings, she is supported enough to be able to stand while I complete the hooking up process. One of the other carts I tried had no support system, so one needed four arms to support the dog when being settled into the cart. It could not be utilized for a dog who could not stand on its own, unless 2 people worked together. I can seamlessly get Missie T into her Eddies Wheels cart, alone, which is very important if the cart is to be useful. Your suggestion of the variable balance cart was perfect for Missie T ??  Last, but certainly not least, was the pleasure of having the cart arrive in one piece!!!

As the Founder of the Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group, I must say, without hesitation, that the Eddie’s Wheels cart is my pick of the carts on the market. It is user friendly and very well built. I have tried other carts and by far, your cart is superior to the others I tested. It is sturdy, while not being too heavy and once again, I must reiterate that one person can put a large dog into the cart without assistance.. Age wise, I am on the far side of my sixties, and I am not much heavier than Missie T, so if I am able to put her into the cart  alone, most people should be able to do the same with their dog.

Word of warning- let your customers know that some dogs take off immediately once in the cart!!! ROFL! Missie T loved her new found freedom… I should have put her in the cart outside, for once placed in the car,t she careened through the house like a maniac, joyfully turning over waterbowls while I tried to catch her.  I think she thoroughly enjoyed the *catch me if you can game*.

Thank you, once again, for making such a dog friendly and user friendly cart!


Warmest Regards,
Marjorie Zimmerman 
Founder: Degenerative Myelopathy Support group
The Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group