Tigger Loves His Eddie’s Wheels Dog Wheelchair!

Tigger loves his Eddie’s Wheels

Dear Eddie’s Wheels:

I just wanted to let you know that the cart has been a complete success!

When we first got it, we took it (and him!) to Dr. Bak, so she could put him in it and make any necessary adjustments. I have to tell you, she was INCREDIBLY impressed! She didn’t make A SINGLE adjustment! She told us that it was the most well fitted cart she’d ever seen. (We have since lowered the back by just about 1/2 inch. It seemed that the saddle was putting a little too much pressure on him, because sometimes he had trouble peeing. Whenever that happened, if we actually lifted his legs, he would literally explode. We’re not exactly clear on what’s going on there, although lowering the saddle has helped a bit.)

Anyway, I was quite apprehensive at first. Tigger is quite the sensitive little guy. He gets scared and upset pretty easily, ESPECIALLY when he’s being forced to do something. (He is ALL terrier!  :-))

When Dr. Bak put him in the cart, before she even had him strapped him, he tried to start running! As soon as she was done, he took off, his tail wagging all the way down the hallway!

HE LOVES IT!!! He immediately realized that the cart represented freedom, and he absolutely loves being in it. Whenever we put him in his cart, his tail goes up, and his entire mood changes for the better. He really understands what having the cart means.

Tigger loves his Eddie’s Wheels

We’re steadily increasing the amount of time he stays in the cart. At this point we’ll letting him stay in it for about 15-20 minutes at a time, as long as he doesn’t get tired.

I thought you might like to see him, so I’ve attached a couple of pictures of Tigger in his cart. As I said, the settings were just about perfect, and you can see that he’s is standing perfectly straight while he’s in it.

At this point, we’re keeping his feet down. He struggles too much when we put them in the stirrups.  We have booties that protect his feet from dragging, so it’s not a problem, and he’s much more comfortable that way.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for providing us with such a terrific cart and for the care that went into adjusting it for him!

Thanks again

The Karas Family and Tigger!