Using Wheelchairs for Orthopedically Challenged English Bulldogs

We love English Bulldogs. They are such charming, joyful, fun-loving dogs. It's truly a shame that they have so many physical challenges, and a tribute to their spirits that they rise above them. The ones we see have major orthopedic challenges, such as dislocated shoulders, elbow dysplasia, deformities of the paws, hip dysplasia, spinal cysts and spina bifida. But nothing keeps these guys down.

One of the first bulldogs we fell in love with was Griffin, who acquired over 20,000 followers on Facebook due to his owners joyful posts and videos showing his antics in and out of his cart. When Griffin passed away due to lymphoma, his family adopted Chance, another bulldog puppy with major orthopedic problems. We made Chance's puppy cart when he weighed 15 lbs., giving him a front wheel cart with rear training wheels to help him increase his strength and stamina.