Dog Wheelchairs Center Website Beware

We wonder how many folks visiting are confused by the images of different kinds of dog wheelchairs on this website.  The masthead photo of the German Shepard on the beach is Skippy - one of our clients from 2002, was swiped off Google cached images and is being used without our permission.

There are photos of K9  Carts, Doggonwheels and carts with Walkinwheel saddles and Doggon-style frames.  A phone call brings you to a person who has no knowledge of  dog wheelchairs, if she answers the phone.

The owner of this website, Sylvan Enterprises, also sells derma-brasion products, metal detectors and body armor on E-bay.  Don't be fooled by this website - they are not selling Eddie's Wheels wheelchairs, despite the images of our cart on their website masthead.    We are not sure what their product actually looks like, but we question the ethics of anyone who would knowingly create a false impression of what it is they are selling by posting a photo of one of our products.   This is a case of copyright infringement.


Since I wrote this blog, Sylvan Newby has removed this image of an Eddie's Wheels cart from his website.  We now see that he is marketing his services as an SEO - that's a search engine optimizer - that means that Sylvan Enterprises is really nothing more than a marketing company.  We doubt that anyone associated with this company knows much about disabled animals or mobility carts.  We recommend that anyone doing business with them call their customer service number and demand to speak to a knowledgable person about their product and services before purchasing anything online.