Eddie’s Wheels gives dogs a new leash on life on NECN

Fenway waits for someone to throw a ball

NECN video featuring Eddie's Wheels

It's always wonderful when a major media outlet does a story about the work we do to help animals with disabilities.  We were thrilled with this wonderful video story that New England Cable News produced.

All three of the clients featured in this video were extraordinary. Fenway, the black lab, literally wags his body from the shoulders back.  He is such an active dog, playing on the beach in the summer and skiing (yes, he's got the ski attachment) in the winter, that we had to customize his cart to give it the stability he required.  Because of his injury, his rump has completely atrophied and is inches less wide than his shoulder blades.  We customized the frame to match the shape of his body, splayed the frame wider at the wheels, and engineered to be neutral balanced to compensate for all the work his front legs have to do.

No other company in the world has an engineer running it, or as highly skilled a crew as ours.    It's the attention to details about fit and balance that can make the difference between a cart that actually gives mobility back to a companion animal.