Another Chance Rescue - Vet Approval*

I don't know why I haven't written this a long time ago, but my middle name is LATE explaining many things. I can't thank you all enough for the cart you made for Hannah. Her hygroma is no longer ulcerated, and the asymmetrical leg holes have worked perfectly so that she does not rub on it while she is in her cart. I know I expressed some concern about the narrower wheel base, but she doesn't tip as much in this cart as she did in the second one she had. She's had a cart for five years now, but every time I place her in it and watch her run with the other dogs I have to smile again. I am an avid proponent for handicapped animals and will put you at the top of my list to whom to refer.

Thank you again!!

Laurie Hirt DVM

(Hannah had an old K9 Cart - she had an ulcerated hygroma on the back of one leg; we made a custom cart that had a larger leg loop on that side to allow her wounds to heal)