Preferred by Animal Rehab Practitioner

Eddie's Wheels carts are the only carts that I recommend for my patients, the only one that I recommends to vets / surgeons and the only ones that I use with my own dogs. I have been an avid supporter for over 5 years. Prior to my first experience with Eddie's Wheels carts, I had the opportunity to work with other brand name carts as well as some homemade carts. In the last year, I've also had the opportunity to work with 2 brand name adjustable axis carts and was not satisfied with either. By far, there is no comparison between other carts and Eddie's Wheels in terms of quality, durability, and proper support of the dog. Specifically, no other cart provides the spinal positioning and support that I look for with dogs with disk disease and other neurological conditions affecting the spine.To date, I've used Eddie's Wheels hind end carts, neutral balanced carts, counterbalanced carts, ones with training wheels, quad carts and front end carts. I've had patients that have refused to walk in other brand carts or that weren't getting the right support with other carts switch over to an Eddie's Wheels cart with immediate positive results.

I am completely satisfied with the entire process with Eddie's Wheels carts from measuring a dog to the final fitting. Any questions or concerns with a particular dog are immediately answered by the Eddie's Wheels staff.

Patti Triola, PT, CCRT
Dogs In Motion, In Home Canine Rehabilitation