A GSD with Degenerative Myelopathy in Australia, Gets a Variable Axle Dog wheelchair

Shep’s variable axle dog wheelchair fit perfectly right out the box.

It's always a little daunting sending a dog wheelchair half the way around the world !  This beautiful German Shepard, Shep, lives on a farm in Australia.  We had a fairly lengthy correspondence and a long distance phone call to get all the details settled about Shep's cart.  It was still a delight to come to work and read the email from his owner when the cart arrived.

Hi Leslie and Carole,

Shep has taken to his cart like a duck to water. Within 2mins of being in it he rolled it! He really thought he had his legs. So now he is on the end of a lunging rope so he can practise his turns. We have been running all over the paddocks, over rocks,branches, pot holes  and it has stayed upright and Shep manages it beautifully. [ I am worn out!]

The cart is just fantastic,really well made and looks so good and its so easy to get him into it.The joy in watching Shep have quality of life again makes it worth every cent.   The photo of him is without any adjustment to the cart.

Thank you for a great cart.

Henia and Shep