Willa, Webster and Sweet Pea

Disabled dogs stroll in their dog wheelchairs

Willa, Webster and Sweet Pea snuggled up for a long winters nap

Today is the first day of Spring and after a very long snowy New England Winter, the  snow is melting and we're in MUD season...... also known for maple sugaring , blossoming dog poop and dogs running wild.  Eddie, who serves as Animal Control officer of our little town, is getting calls every day about dogs running up and down the road.....AHH!!! Spring is in the air.

Just because you need wheels to get anyplace doesn't stop a dog from being a dog.  This is a long video, taken yesterday, when the snow had finally receded enough to let the dogs find the yard again.   Here they are celebrating , sniffing and being dogs.   These are our dog family.  Willa and Webster in their front wheel cart, and Sweet Pea, our paralyzed pitbull, enjoying the coming of spring.