Hello Eddie,

My name is Mariann Neuschaefer and my dog is Bailee and she is a keeshond. I had purchased your wheels for Bailee because she has a fused spine and can't not use her back legs at all.

She LOVES HER WHEELS!!! When I bring her wheels out and she see's it she goes nuts!!! She knows her wheels make her mobile. I don't know who is happier me or her.

The first time I put her in it she just stood there and wouldn't move. I even tried food, and she is real big on that. But that didn't work. I took her outside and my husband, son and me all called her. Still she wouldn't move. Then I remembered she loved going for walks. I said,"Bailee do you want to go for a walk?" That was it...she walked to the gate and out she and I went for a walk. She was barking the whole time. You could see just how happy she was! One of my neighbors was out and said she was so happy for Bailee and me that she actually cried. She too is an animal lover was it made her feel good to see how happy Bailee was. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING BAILEE FEEL LIKE A NORMAL DOG WHO CAN GO FOR WALKS AGAIN!!!!!!

Mariann and Bailee Neuschaefer

PS. Here is a picture of Bailee in her wheels. You can see just how happy she is. Please feel free to put on your site. I would love to go to your site and she her picture!