Dear Friends at Eddie's Wheels,

This is a very long-overdue THANK YOU for the wonderful cart you made for my dog, Radar. Thanks to you, Radar is once again enjoying his daily walks at the park, the company of other dogs, and the many scents of the outdoors. This summer he has traveled to the Cape as well as the Hamptons, and needless to say, he is the talk of the town wherever he goes. Despite being more than 16 years old, he can easily maneuver the wheels on pavement, grass, and gravel. For all the joy he has brought me, I am so grateful that he is able to get a little more enjoyment out of his "golden years". Thank you so much for making it all possible with your design and dedication. I'm including a picture for you to see what a big smile you have put on his face. Best wishes to you all.

Marie Kelly
Winchester, MA